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How long do the eyelashes last?

Individual Eyelash Extensions, Russian Lashes and Hybrid lashes can last up to 3-4 weeks from the time of application. The lifetime of your lashes depends on your hair growth cycle and lifestyle. A regular maintenance programme every 2-3 weeks can extend the life to 8-12 weeks.

Are the Eyelashes good for holidays?

Yes perfect! You can swim and shower with no problem. Your Eyelash Extensions will look good on the beach and around the pool. Your eyes will always look glamorous and give the appearance of wearing mascara.

Can I wear mascara?

If you choose to wear mascara we highly recommend using the accompanying Ultimate Black mascara specially formulated for use with Individual Eyelash Extensions. These mascaras are water washable, gentle and safe for lash extensions. Generally water-proof mascara, mascara remover and some cleaners can disturb and weaken the adhesive bond of the lash extensions. All Eyelash compatible products are available to purchase at the salon or on our ebay shop.

Can I wear my normal make-up?

Yes, with recommended mascara and eyeliner. As some brands of make-up have a high oil content, we do not advise you use waterproof mascara. Eye make-up should be removed with specially formulated compatible gentle eye make-up remover and eye cleansing cloths. Your usual eye cream can be used carefully.

What about other aftercare/make-up?

Your Scandalash® professional will advise you on what products you can or cannot use with your individual eyelash extensions, personally based on what types of make-up you like to wear and how big your mascara addition is! Don't forget that you will probably find that you do not need to wear as much eye make-up with your individual lashes as they are already glamorous, thus saving you time and effort! How nice to wake up each morning instantly glam!

Can I use my normal skin care products?

Yes, providing you avoid the eye area as any products containing oil will loosen the lash adhesive. Eye creams in particular must be used with care. Check with your Scandalash® professional if you are in any doubt. Your lashes should be cleansed with the compatible eye make-up remover and rinsed off with lukewarm water.

Scandalash® also stock eyelash compatible products such as eye make-up remover, black mascara, clear mascara glaze, eye cleansing cloths and semi- permanent eyeliners, eyebrow pencils and lip liners. Also NEW in for CHRISTMAS are the gorgeous Glitter and Glimmer Eyeliners and Shadows which are available to purchase with fixed gel and individual brush to easily create the perfect glitter eyeliner in 32 beautiful shades. All products are available to buy on our online shop

Is it uncomfortable to have them applied?

Not at all, in fact most people enjoy the experience of relaxing for the time it take to apply. In fact it is better for the professional if you just relax and enjoy listening to the royalty-free relaxation cd's while we work, although its lovely to chat with you, sometimes when we talk our eyelashes flutter and makes it more difficult for the professional to apply your lashes! So make the most of your relaxation time, snuggle under a cosy soft towel and recharge your batteries, when you emerge your lashes will be luscious! We recommend you bring your own iPod to listen to as you may not like our choice of music!

Do I have to keep them maintained?

Maintenance is not necessary if you are having Eyelash Extensions applied for a special occasion or a holiday. The lashes will fall gradually and eventually over time and you will be back to your own lashes.

What is the maintenance program?

Many people like their eyelash extensions so much they want to continue wearing the lashes indefinitely. This is achieved by visiting Scandalash® every 2 weeks to top up any of the lashes that have fallen naturally as part of the normal hair growth cycle. Maintenance time will vary according to the length of time the lashes have been on. Your Aura Beauty professional will be able to advise you.

How long can I wear the individual eyelashes for?

Individual Eyelash (lash) Extensions, Russian Lashes and Hybrid Lashes can be worn for as long as you want to wear them. Our only recommendation is that a fresh set is applied every 10-12 weeks and top-ups are done every 2-4 weeks

Can I have them if I wear contact lenses?

Yes, there is no problem for customers who wear contact lenses; however we recommend that you remove contact lenses before having the eyelash extensions applied for the duration of the treatment.

Do they come in different lengths and thicknesses?

Yes, your Scandalash® professional will help you choose the best length and thickness to suit your natural lashes and to achieve your desired result. You can opt for a soft natural effect, or for a defined glamorous effect, and everything else in between, longer lashes on the outside for a sexy winged effect are also popular. Our Individual Eyelash Extensions are also available in many colours to really stand out from the croud!

The procedure

For those of you that are new to individual eyelash extensions Scandalash® would like to show you what to expect when you come to us for your lashes:

1. Preparation

To save time it is advisable to remove all eye make-up before your appointment and we recommend that contact lenses are removed. Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to relax!

Your technician will complete a consultation sheet with you to tailor your new lashes to your lifestyle and eye-shape and choose the appropriate style and length of lashes to achieve your individual desired result.

You will be asked to lie back on our extra wide and comfortable permanent couch and be comfortable and snug in our cosy warm towels, if you want them. We will clean the eye area again and place vitamin enriched eye pads to your lower lashes to prevent top and bottom lashes adhering together.

Eyelashes will then be individually cleaned ready to start the bonding process.

2. Actual Treatment

Using two sets of tweezers your professional will isolate one eyelash at a time and place the eyelash extension along it, she will move back and forth from each eye to promote an even number of eyelash extensions.

Occasionally you may feel the cool air of the air puffer which helps to speed up the bonding process and your technician will check lashes and separate any sticking together as she works.

Customers equate the feel of your lashes being treated to "like someone playing with your hair for ages and sending you to sleep!"

Finally the technician will apply clear mascara glaze to your finished lashes to help the glue bond and protect your new lashes.

3. Finish

Aftercare and maintenance advice will be given and information booklets provided to take away. (Most important advice is not to get the new individual eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours while the glue is bonding).

If for any reason you are not happy with the result or aftercare Scandalash® will always be happy to solve any problems you may have.

When you wake up we have no doubt that you will be delighted with your new look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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